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Firetech carries cost-effective pellet stoves in Woodstock. The pellet stoves and fireplaces produce a real flame without wasting heat or polluting the air like a wood-burning option. This system requires less frequent refuelling than their counterparts and is very easy to operate. Pellets are also extremely inexpensive and easy to store. They can heat your home efficiently and at a low cost. Contact us now for more details.


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At our store, you’ll find pellet stoves that are designed to satisfy various needs and to heat individual rooms or the whole house, while assuring the highest quality standards. A pellet fuel fireplace or stove is more convenient when compared to ordinary wood stoves. In fact, pellet stoves are the cleanest solid-fuel, residential heating appliances. They are most sought after by customers because:

 Wood Pellets Are Renewable

Burning wood pellets are classified as the latest source of renewable energy in many countries as they are produced from renewable materials like sawdust and wood shavings.

 They Are Sustainable

A severe rise in prices and erratic risks characterize the market for fossil fuels. Better and advanced designs have made it safe and effective for wood to be continually used as a renewable heat source. Wood pellet stoves are also reliable heating systems, and demand for pellets is rising in Europe because burning wood for energy is renewable. Also, this system has less carbon footprint.

 They Are Cost-effective

Wood pellets are an eco-friendly alternative to gas and coal. As fuel oil prices are on the rise, consumers can save about half of their expenses on fuel. A notable factor for the affordability of wood pellet heating is the heating systems that were developed for this solid fuel. The pellet stoves can transform more than 90% of the energy contained in the fuel into usable heat. Thus, wood pellets are cost-effective because of low fuel costs and efficient heating capacity.

 Pellet Heating Appliances Are Comfortable

Pellet stoves and fireplaces are known for easy operation, cleanliness and high user comfort. Due to its efficiency and effectiveness, pellet stoves have started to become a popular substitute for wood burning stoves and central heating systems. These stoves can cover the entire residential hot water and heating needs of your home. They are extremely economical and durable, and can easily be integrated into your existing heating system.


Pellet-burning stoves are considered energy efficient and eco-friendly because they depend on renewable resources for their fuel. As they have fewer particle emissions, pellet stoves are preferred over other heating systems.

Wood doesn’t contribute to the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as it absorbs the same quantity of CO2 from the atmosphere whilst growing. Dry fuel, the electronic regulation of combustion air and the hot combustion chamber provide for an optimal and clean burning option.


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Add beauty, comfort, value, safety and reliability to your life and home with our quality fireplaces.

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