Outdoor Grills in Woodstock

Get premium outdoor grills in Woodstock from Firetech. Our experts will help you in choosing the right products for your needs. Want to upgrade your grill? You can find a wide selection of  gas, wood pellet, charcoal grills and smokers from top brands at our store. You can also get outdoor grills and outdoor kitchen accessories.

Here Are Some Advantages of Cooking on an Outdoor Grill

Grilling meat and vegetables is a healthier option when compared to cooking them with oil. Because you’re cooking them slowly, you’ll retain lots of minerals and vitamins in your food. Below are some more benefits:


Grilling meat, poultry and fish will add a sweet and smoky flavour. Food cooked on a grill is delicious because the intense heat of the fire and grill grate helps to caramelize the surface of your food. Also, food cooked on a charcoal grill or on a gas grill will add distinct, unique aromas and flavours to complement your food.


Charcoal and gas grills are easy to use and readily available in the market. Whether you want gigantic fancy grills with cool features or simple inexpensive ones, we have got you covered.

Versatility of Fuels

Gas grills use a gas source while charcoal grills use wood charcoal to supply the fire and heat. You can also enhance the flavours of your food by adding smoking woods like mesquite and hickory. These days many people prefer gas grill versions as they can be converted easily. Also, the latest in the market are infrared burners available on many gas grills. They supply super-high, intense heat for fast searing and sealing in those juices.

The Versatility of Barbecue Cooking

Barbecue cooking doesn’t mean throwing a burger on the grill anymore. From indirect heat roast to direct heat searing, and from smoker cooking to rotisserie cooking, cooking on an outdoor grill is handy and very useful.

Different Recipes

Every country and every style of cooking has recipes that can be cooked on a grill or a barbecue. From the elaborate gourmet to the simplest ones, there is an endless list of recipes for grill cooking.

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